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Sunscreen toxins

Oxybenzone is an organic compound that is toxic to our body.  It is found mostly in sunscreen because of its ability to block UV rays.  It is also found in cosmetic products such as nail polish, fragrances, hair spray, and make-up.  It affects the elimination pathways of the body because it is absorbed through the skin, can cause damage to cells that lead to skin cancer, and may potentially cause respiratory irritation.  It also can cause harm to the endocrine system leading to hormone imbalance, endometriosis, cancer, early puberty, low sperm count, and harm to the reproductive system.  This chemical can be found on labels, so we should all become good label readers, especially sunscreen and cosmetics, to avoid exposure.  There are products available without this toxin.  We recommend making your own sunscreen; it is quite easy and more affordable than store-bought.  Some recommendations for detox are dry brushing, infrared sauna, and/or exercise such as rebounding to increase circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and open the elimination pathway of the skin.  

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