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"I had an injury while playing baseball and went to see Heather at Remarkably You Wellness.  One of the recommendations was the VAT.  The VAT was very relaxing and I could feel the vibrations going thru my body.  Through multiple treatments I was able to feel the vibrations at the spot of my injury, even after I was off the table. I feel that the VAT helped my body heal from the injury." - AR

Dandelion Seeds

"I had a facial injury that was pretty severe, and I wanted to help my body heal naturally any way that I could.  I knew Heather and knew about her business Remarkable You Wellness so I reached out to her.  She guided me through the injury helping me with multiple suggestions and recommendations to help me heal naturally.  I did have to have surgery, due to my injury, but through supplements and use of the VAT I helped my body heal I feel so much faster than was originally indicated.  I would highly recommend seeing Heather."  -BR

Absolutely wonderful. My appointment was days ago and I'm STILL in awe (and mentally "processing") the information Heather gave me! Heather held my daughter and I both, as captive audience! It is blatantly obvious that Heather has a passion for what she is doing. I'm quite a medical mess and have a serious goal of being off all of my current medications and I am so excited to have her on my side, guiding me. She offers SOO many great services and products too. If this is a route you are considering, I would totally recommend speaking to her, without hesitation. - Beth

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