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Keeping Sanity during the Holiday Madness.

Wellness is not just a physical thing it is your bodies emotional and mental state of mind. So why get all caught up with the stress and strain of the holiday season, we can offer you a break. Enjoy BrainTap sessions that will take you on a mental vacation. Leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and renewed ready to embrace the Holiday season.

What is Brain Tap? BrainTap is a way to go from the fight or flight response to rest and digest. It promotes deep relaxation, improves sleep, boosts energy and reduces stress. This is accomplished by exposing your brain though your ears and eyes to binaural beats and phototherapy using a headset with optional visor. Come relax on our table put your mind at ease, reduce negativity, improve patience and tolerance to get through the holidays! Schedule now online or by phone 717-500-1744. We also offer gift certificates.

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