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What's Your Food In?

Most of us are so focused on what is in our food that we forget to recognize when food packaging is just as bad. The modern-day packaging of food has a negative impact on nutritional value.  Plastic containers such as olive oil, water bottles, and peanut butter as well as the foam tray found in packaged meat at the supermarket all have harmful chemicals in them that leech into our food.  All these plastics and chemicals trigger receptor sites in the body and respond as if the person ingested lots of estrogen. Even the adhesive found on labels of food containers have chemicals that end up being absorbed by the container such as plastic and then being absorbed by the food.  These chemicals are in the same class of toxicity as mercury, asbestos, and hydrochloric acid.  It is best to buy our foods in glass containers and our meat in paper wrap instead of plastic.  These chemicals can cause a range of health issues including cancer and even organ failure. Endocrine disruptors can play a role in infertility, mood swings, headaches, and weight gain.

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