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#JERF; confused about what to eat?

You do not need to look very far to find “answers” to this question. Fad diets, elimination diets, gluten-free, low-carb, counting calories, counting macros, and more surround us with guarantees that usually in the long run turn out to be empty promises. Most of us know someone, that someone might even be ourselves, who has tried one or more of these with some success. Yet most people end up back at square one. A lot of these have successful testimonials, but they are not for everyone. These are not a one-size-fits-all. With so many choices, how does one decide? First, take a deep breath. Now, repeat after me…#JERF. Just Eat Real Food. Ask yourself, is it food? Did it grow from the ground, run through a field, fly in the sky, swim in the water? If it sustained itself, it could help sustain you! We are more successful with a support team and a house stocked with only the foods we are to eat.  It helps to plan for meals and snacks so that grocery shopping is easier and once the groceries are at home, then there is a plan, and you are ready to start preparing the food.  That avoids grabbing wrong choices when in a time crunch with our go-go-go lifestyle.  Be sure to incorporate detoxing/cleansing foods regularly, appropriate supplements such as probiotics/enzymes for gut health, exercise/physical detox, prayer/daily devotions, sleep, and taking time for having fun with family and friends to de-stress.

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