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This person is over the top.  They present with tenseness and hyper-anxiety.  The person is over-enthusiastic; however, this enthusiasm can be infectious.  They have extreme mental energy that they focus into the causes in which they believe.    This leads to stress causing them to force action beyond their physical capabilities.  As a result of the tense energy they are not able to relax and have poor sleep quality.  The person has an uncontrolled need to persuade so they will run a thing to death because they cannot simply take “yes” for an answer.  The person is seen as high strung, a perfectionist, and sensitive to injustice.  Their mind is always thinking ahead.  They tend to put too much on their plate all at once. 

Vervain is used to balance the person so they can switch off and relax.  A balanced vervain will have great courage to defend a cause even if considered dangerous or unfavorable.  Vervain can balance the person to be calm allowing them to be ready to listen and use their wisdom for great accomplishments.  Vervain is used to restore balance to the body and mind giving the wisdom to enjoy life (take time to stop and smell the roses) instead of always feeling the need to be active.

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