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Water Violet

Water Violet

This person is self-reliant and independent because of knowledge and capability, but appears to others as proud, aloof, and condescending.  The person may seem reclusive and lonely.  They are not lonely, just comfortable in their environment and enjoy alone time.  All people need alone time, but water violets tend to take this to the extreme.  This person prefers to be alone or with a few close people.  Water violets tend to be quiet, gentle, and sympathetic.  They use their wisdom and capabilities to serve others.  This person follows their own path and is mostly free of the opinions of others.  Others around them enjoy the calm of Water violets.  This person can give advice on others’ affairs without getting personally involved.

Water violet is used to balance the person when they become too disconnected from others.  Water violet can bring down the barrier between the person and others so they may reconnect to people on a more personal level.

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