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The person cannot make a decision.  When trying to decide, they are uncertain and constantly weighing the options but cannot make a choice.  They can make a decision and then question their choice, overanalyzing what they decided, and then change their mind.  The uncertainty causing them to constantly change their mind/outlook can make them quite unreliable.  This also causes them to waste time and lose opportunities.  The person may present with extremes such as joy/sadness, optimism/pessimism, laughing/crying, etc.  Scleranthus is similar to cerato, but the cerato tends to talk more about it where the scleranthus will internalize it.

Scleranthus will balance the person so they can confidently make decisions.  It will allow them to connect to their intuition, know what they want, and be self-assured in their decisions.  Scleranthus brings about determination and the ability to calmly take prompt action.  The person presents with self-composure and balance.

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