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Rock Rose

Rock Rose

Rock Rose is used in situations of terror or panic.  If the person saw or was victim to seeing bad things or visual terror such as an accident, near escape, spectacle of an accident, or there is an environment of terror/panic surrounding the person and maybe others as well.  The person could have been a victim to violence or witness to the violence.  The person may suffer from visual replay of the situation.  This can also be given to children experiencing terror from a nightmare or people suffering from nightmares of the situation that caused terror or panic.  The person may have difficulty with conscious thought and making decisions.  The person may also have experienced sudden illness that creates fear (for the person as well as those around them) and panic and even a sense of hopelessness. 

Rock Rose remedy supports the person giving them courage that balances the terror and calms them to be able to handle daily living while renewing balance and courage. 

Rock Rose is one of five Bach flowers in Rescue Remedy.

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