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Pursue a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit Through Naturopathic Fundamentals
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Meet Heather

Heather is a certified natural health professional and board-certified holistic health practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She encourages healthy choices, prevention, and the use of all natural, non-invasive therapies and natural substances to inspire optimal health.  She also has a background in Western medicine with a degree in Biology and Cardiovascular Invasive Specialty.  Heather helps people to naturally achieve their wellness goals utilizing homeopathy, supplements, nutrition, and other natural modalities. She works with clients to find wellness solutions, not disease management. She focuses on supporting the foundations of natural health to balance the body so it can do what it was made to do. Heather specializes in helping clients with Lyme symptoms as she is a Certified Lyme Specialist. Because of her own wellness journey, she is passionate about and loves helping people with thyroid issues, Lyme symptoms, and mothers who want to support healthy immune systems and brain function in their children. In holistic health we recognize the intimate connection between mind, body, and spirit.  When creating a wellness plan for a client, Heather focuses on all aspects of wellness to achieve optimal results.  As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, she can help clients release emotional baggage that can be an obstacle in healing as well as cause physical ailments itself.  Wellness is a journey, and everybody is unique and should be supported based on the individual.  


As a client, YOU are empowered to decide what path you chose to reach your wellness goals.  Heather wants you to tell her your story about your wellness journey.  She is there to listen, educate, support, and present you with options, and you are always in control of YOUR journey.


Our mission at Remarkable You Wellness is to bring preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions to the whole client.  We value living a life filled with love, joy, and opportunities.  When we are thriving, we are not held back by limiting factors of illness.  Our business is built on compassion, honesty, and meeting people where they are in their wellness journey.  We believe in supporting foundations of natural health by providing essentials for a balanced healthy body, mind and spirit using natural methods that are chemical-free and allow the client to take responsibility for their health and live remarkably.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

It can help with

Healthy Weight

Reduction of toxins, physical, emotional, and environmental, along with strong foundations of natural health, the body will maintain healthy weight and promote weight loss when needed.


Focusing on building strong foundations of natural health will build energy and restore vitality.


We provide natural remedies for removing toxic substances from your body and bioenergetic field using chemical-free methods.


Properly functioning digestion includes hydration, what we intake, how we use our intake, and how we eliminate waste products.  Many wellness complaints originate from a lack of nutrients or ability to absorb/process/eliminate properly.


We help educate our clients so they may take back their wellness and have the tools for a healthy lifestyle.


We focus on the individual and develop fitness goals that strengthen stability, increase energy, and refresh the mind, body, and spirit.

Live Remarkably

Live Remarkably

"Health is the greatest of human blessings."

— Hippocrates



Natural Herbs
Ionic Detox Foot Bath
Far Infrared Sauna
Emotion Code
Bach Flower Remedies
Flower in Hand
Essential Oils
Personal Fitness Training
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Quality Supplements
Pure VAT
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Zen Den
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Lyme Symptoms
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SHAPE ReClaimed

Office Hours
Monday through Thursday   10:00am - 3:00pm
Friday                               10:00am - 1:00pm

Appointments Offered
Monday                            10:30am - 6:00pm
Tuesday through Thursday    7:45am - 6:00pm
Friday                               7:45am - 1:00pm

Consultations and services by appointment only.

Offering virtual consultations and emotion code sessions!
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