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Far Infrared Sauna

  • 30 minutes
  • 35 US dollars
  • East Berlin

Service Description

FIR Sauna – Purifying body, mind, and feeling “Find me a way to create sweat or fever, and I will cure disease.” - Hippocrates The far infrared sauna can help improve capillary function, revitalizing the circulatory system and activating cellular renewal. It boosts the metabolic rate, assists in fighting illness, and enhances the body’s ability to regenerate cells. Increasing core temperature can: -mobilize lymphatic and immune system -increase circulation and microcirculation and lowers blood pressure -oxygenate cells and increase absorption -activate parasympathetic nervous system -help mitochondria create ATP (energy) and nitric oxide (decreases muscle soreness, helps relax blood vessels, enhances exercise performance) -detox heavy metals, glyphosates, dioxins, plastics, metabolic waste -reduce inflammation, chronic pain, nerve damage, stress, sleep issues -generate grounding, relaxation, vitality, mental clarity, rejuvenation, and joy The Relax FIR Sauna: Burns calories – The Relax far infrared sauna can produce 2 to 3 times the sweat of other FIR saunas. Arthur Guyton’s textbook says that producing 1 gram of sweat burns 0.568 calories. Using the Relax sauna for 15 minutes could easily burn about 600 calories, the equivalent of running 4-6 miles, or doing a 45 minute cardiovascular workout. Reduces body fat – using a digital body fat analyzer, body fat decreased 2% when measured before and after one session Reverses the Aging Process – can raise the metabolic rate Enhances detoxification – can open the elimination pathways in the body, cleaning up the body and reducing the workload of the body in removing toxins. It supports lymphatic drainage. Removes toxins – fat, heavy metals, dioxins, metabolic waste According to hundreds of medical professionals working with Relax Saunas, it can help with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, infections, restless leg, Lyme, autism, Crohn’s, gout, arthritis, fatigue, insomnia, inflammation, diabetic ulcers, aches and pains

Contact Details

  • East Berlin, PA, USA


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