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Vibroacoustic Therapy

Have you ever felt connected to music? For instance, you are driving down the road and a song comes on the radio that just makes you feel so good. You feel lighter, your muscles relax, maybe you move to the beat, you smile, and maybe even sing along. This is you and the music connecting. This is resonance. This is your frequency and the music’s frequency connecting. Sound is vibration. It vibrates at different wavelengths known as its frequency. All energy has an energetic frequency at which it vibrates. We are energy. We have a unique vibration at which we resonate. When we connect with music, it can affect our mood, our emotions, our creativity, our focus, our memory, and our healing. Vibroacoustic therapy allows the practitioner to set the lounge to a specific frequency chosen specifically for the client uniquely addressing imbalances within the client. As our body is connecting to this frequency, it will begin to respond. The body may begin to flow into rhythm with the vibration, feel lighter, relax, and “smile and sing” along. 

Have you ever seen Newton’s pendulum? When one pendulum is put into motion, eventually all the pendulums join in the motion. Our bodies crave balance. It takes more energy to be out of balance. This is one reason we feel fatigue when we are not in optimal health. Today we are exposed to an onslaught of damaging frequencies every single day, every single one of us. With  cell phones, wi-fi, smart watches, smart meters, smart appliances, smart home devices, wireless earbuds, microwaves, laptops/pads, 5G towers, and more, we are facing a stealthy attacker as it is damaging us with no warning. We can’t see it, hear it, taste it, smell it; but over time we begin to fall to its effects. Thank goodness there is light in the dark.  

We already have so many wonderful testimonies sharing the benefits vibroacoustic therapy has provided. Some of these include improved quality of sleep, reduced tension and stress, relief of stuck bowels, reduction in muscle soreness, reduced pain/inflammation after a tendon strain in an athlete, headache relief, calming and promotion of healing after an injury to the mouth, calming after witnessing a trauma, and improved focus for school-age children. Many even felt these results after the sessions when the person is in a stressful situation their bodies remember how to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).  

You may not relate to any of these testimonials, but at the very least, the experience of the vibroacoustic therapy leaves you feeling relaxed, like you had a massage on the inside of your body. 

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