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Using the natural forces of the world around us to restore health and maintain balance.

As a naturopath here at Remarkable You Wellness, I sometimes incorporate the history and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine including the eight aspects of TCM (acupressure, herbs, food, qi exercise, meditation, heat application, body and energy work, living in balance) into our wellness plans as they have much in common with modern day natural healthcare.  Tapping (needleless acupuncture) is a common practice/recommendation I use with clients including an easy-to-follow handout for them to take and use themselves at home. Tapping is a wonderful tool for emotional release, and I notice it to be beneficial for those struggling to sleep due to emotional root causes. Another aspect of TCM we incorporate here is eating within TCM philosophy. This philosophy helps balance energy and support the connection of mind, body, and spirit. It’s true, love is the secret ingredient and gratitude makes a difference. This leads me to the importance of meditation methods including gratitude – gratitude journaling – prayer – tapping – visualization – and Zen breathing to help support foundations. In all we do, we should do so with hearts full of love and gratitude. The final aspect of TCM is living in balance with nature. I believe this harmony and flow is crucial to thriving. If we do not flow within ourselves, as well as freely with our environment/surroundings, then we will feel the disharmony and present as such. It allows us to be like water and flow, so we can be gentle or strong pending on our situation while maintaining our qi also known as our life force or vitality. Other aspects of TCM I recommend for clients are; out- of-office practitioners for Tai Chi, reflexology, acupressure, massage, and cupping. At Remarkable You Wellness we help to identify disharmony, kinks, or stressors the client is exposing themselves to and guide them back into harmony.


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