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The Truth about Salt

Did you know that sodium is known as the “youth element”? It promotes a youthful and flexible body. Sodium is a necessary mineral element for life. Translation = we need sodium to live. White table salt is rampant in the Standard American Diet (SAD, yes, it is!). This causes an excess of salt in the body which can present joint pain, swelling in tissues, kidney/liver disorders, nervousness, and high blood pressure. When this happens, people are advised to eliminate salt from their diets. Many people become afraid of salt and avoid it completely.  It has been said that salt is a drug – not a food. This is true of table salt, but sodium is a necessary nutrient. Sodium helps balance fluids, balance metabolism, and supports our skin, mucous membranes, and nerves. We can get this youthful element when we eat real food. With education and guidance, you can be empowered to take back your health. Let’s travel this path to wellness with knowledge and truth.

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