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Something's not right? Going in circles with no answers? What could it be?

Updated: May 13

Experiencing one or more of these symptoms? You may want to look deeper. Lyme pathogens can present many ways and is a common root cause of these symptoms.

-            Fatigue

-            Joint and muscle pain

-            Tingling, numbness & burning sensation

-            Stiff, pain neck

-            Dizziness

-            Difficulty falling and staying asleep

-            Memory and concentration problems

-            Chest pain with palpitations

-            Psychiatric symptoms, mood issues, anxiety and/or depression symptoms

-            Shortness of breath with unexplained cough

-            Nutritional deficiency

-            POTS symptoms

-            Day & night sweats

-            Headaches

-            Light & sound sensitivity

-            Liver dysfunction

-            Allergy symptoms

-            Autonomic Nervous System issues

-            Endocrine dysfunction

-            Enzyme deficiency

-            GI issues

-            Immune issues

-            Inflammation

-            Mitochondrial dysfunction

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