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Liver Detox Pathways and Environmental Toxins

We all could use improvement in all areas of our liver detox pathways just for the fact that we are all exposed to environmental toxins every day.  Extra help with Phase 1 detoxification is beneficial to help process the large number of heavy metals in the body that could be interfering with the breakdown of toxins by enzymes during this phase.  Extra help with Phase 2 sulfation can benefit those taking synthetic medication, those who encounter environmental toxins daily (particularly exposure at work), and those eating foods containing food additives.  To help improve the liver detox process we can support the person with balancers such as methyl B12, Folate, and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) which help the body make glutathione.  Heavy metal detoxes (please read Heavy Metal Detox), and eating clean, whole foods can support the body in elimination of toxins. Incorporating some plant-based protein, and supportive foods such as asparagus and wild blueberries as opposed to processed foods are beneficial as well. Do not let this overwhelm you. We here at Remarkable You Wellness are ready to help you!  We can be your guides to a path that aids in those detox pathways to help mitigate the toxin overload we are all exposed to in our lives. We can assess your natural health foundations and help you with the steps to get them all in check and balanced. We do not want to rely solely on supplementation.

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