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Emotional Weight

Emotional traumas can lead to bubble-wrapping with weight. We can put this on as protection. Toxins, whether physical or emotional, tend to be put in quarantine in the body to be dealt with at a later time protecting the body from the harm of the toxin. Traumatic experiences may be the catalyst for weight issues. When this occurs, it can become extremely difficult to lose the weight that had been gained.  Emotional release can help. Ask what you need protection from and identify the thorns.  Not quite ready or prepared? That is okay.  These traumas can be absorbed and place limits on you that you may not be ready to relive yet.  You are enjoying the joy and life you have now.  When you are ready to break those chains and live without restriction, we can help. Remarkable You Wellness offers a certified Emotion Code Practitioner to compassionately walk you through the process of healing from emotional weight.

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