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Brain Health Matters

Concerned with mental decline or memory loss? The foundations of health effect neurological function. Age related cognitive decline and memory loss is a major concern for many seniors. The brain needs water and fat. Hydration and diet affect the function of the brain. I would suggest increasing hydration with quality water, eating whole foods (not processed foods filled with neurotoxins) and making sure they are getting EFAs(essential fatty acids). The Mediterranean diet is a great suggestion, as it is whole foods with lots of healthy fats. Many seniors use the TV as background noise to not feel lonely. However, this can stress them out pending the program and the blue light affects their brain and sleep. I would suggest it is okay to watch and play along with game shows or watch a movie, but I would recommend using music as background noise and/or having a pet if they are able to care for it to give them companionship and responsibility. Creating movement in the house can be beneficial such as a clock with a moving pendulum or water features. The old adage of “if you don’t use it, you lose it”, so giving the brain exercise daily will help it with memory and neural plasticity. Playing brain games, learning a new word a day and/or a new fact a day. Encourage them to stay active, especially incorporating movement for the body, but in a new way. If possible, it could be beneficial to use an inversion table (caution with high blood pressure). It is also very important to encourage socialization. This will help them build relationships, meet new people, and engage in conversation that is new. It helps with having a purpose and not just sitting at home staring at four walls falling into depression, anxiety, loneliness, and atrophy. Some recommended supplements could be Vitamin D3, EFAs, Ubiquinol CoQ10, astaxanthin, frankincense EO, rosemary EO, rosemary herb, and high zinc foods such as beef/pumpkin seeds. Use bioavailable quality supplements and avoid the ones that are not bioavailable. It is important to support good gut health as well. For more information and help, please schedule a consultation today with a Remarkable You Wellness Practitioner.

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